About the special educational opportunities at West Coast Steiner School.

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A promotional video made for the Steiner Fellowship in the UK. It explains some of the philosophies behind the educational approaches of Rudolf Steiner (also known as Waldorf) Schools.

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Parents and teachers talk about the unique educational opportunities at West Coast Steiner School.

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JohnTaylor, class teacher at West Coast Steiner School talks about how the Steiner (Waldorf) curriculum develops lifelong qualities of willpower in children.

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"The healthy social life is found when in the mirror of each human soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the community the virtue of each one is living." Rudolf Steiner

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Term enrolments for 2015 and beyond are now being accepted. Join us on our regular School Tours. These are popular so bookings are essential.

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West Coast Steiner School - A Life of Learning

For us, ‘a life of learning’, is much more than a statement, it’s a philosophy that represents our purpose as a school, our promise to our students, and the desire of their parents.

We’re a school that teaches a curriculum that is designed to start a lifetime of learning.

Steiner education is holistic, formative, and relevant, whilst also being practical and ‘life’ based, and its impact isn’t isolated to the short segment of life students spend at our school, its place and value is much greater than that.

In all aspects of life, whether academics, business, relationships or community, it gives students the skills, knowledge, and awareness to authentically thrive as the truest possible version of who they are.

‘A life of learning’ also speaks to the gift that parents provide their children through a Steiner education, recognising the long-term, almost priceless return that is reaped through the investment.

Furthermore, it brings together two words that we believe are intrinsically linked, yet are too often segregated from each other. Life well lived doesn’t occur without learning, and learning itself, should always occur practically within the context of life.

The Steiner Philosophy

The Steiner pedagogy was developed by the Austrian educational philosopher Rudolf Steiner, in Germany in 1919.  It is a fully-integrated approach to education that focuses on nurturing all aspects of the child, ‘Head, Heart & Hands’. Today, there are over 1,000 Steiner schools across 5 continents and over 1,600 kindergartens in 60 countries.

We follow the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework, a developmental curriculum designed to introduce learning concepts relevant to a child's intellectual, physical and social needs at the appropriate time, within a nurturing and supportive environment.    

At West Coast Steiner School we are advocates of education, champions of the next generation, and believers in the power of uniting life and learning.


Enrolments for 2016 onwards are now being accepted for our Playgroup, Kindy and Primary classes.  We have limited places available in our 2016 Playgroup, Kindy 5 programme and in some of our Primary classes. If you would like further information or would like to attend a school tour, please contact: enrolments@wcss.wa.edu.au