Our Story

The West Coast Steiner Story

Nearly twenty five years ago, the West Coast Steiner School was established by a group of parents with a shared belief in the Steiner philosophy and in the importance of a holistic education for their children. We are celebrating  25 years of independent schooling this year, and now provide a complete and authentic Steiner educational experience to children from Playgroup through to Class 6.

Assisting our students to establish for themselves “a life of learning” is a philosophy that represents our purpose as a school, the promise to our students, and the desire of their parents. Our curriculum is holistic, formative, and relevant, whilst also being practical and ‘life’ based. Its impact isn’t isolated to the short segment of life that students spend at our school.

In fact, we believe that its value is much greater than that. We strive to give our students the skills, knowledge and awareness to thrive as free thinking, socially committed adults who will aspire to become the truest possible version of themselves.