Enrolment Policy

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West Coast Steiner School was established in 1995 to provide children of compulsory school age with education based on the teachings and curriculum developed by Rudolf Steiner.
West Coast Steiner School recognises the uniqueness of each student and offers an integrated and holistic education, designed to provide for the balanced development of human intellectual and cognitive faculties, artistic and imaginative capacities and practical life skills.
West Coast Steiner School is open to all children and with the belief that each child is gifted in one or more ways; whether it’s academic, practical, social and/or other and irrespective of race, religion or gender.
Class sizes at West Coast Steiner School are limited to the following:
• Kindergarten 4: 28
• Kindergarten 5: 28
• Kindergarten 6: 28
• Primary Classes 1 through to 6: 30
The class sizes remain at the discretion of the School Administrator and in consultation with The College of Teachers.


West Coast Steiner School Enrolments Policy applies to the enrolment of children of compulsory school age and the enrolment of pre-school children.
West Coast Steiner School complies and fulfils the requirements of relevant Federal, State and Local Government laws and regulations:
• Enrolment is open to all students who are defined as compulsory school age;
• Enrolment will be offered where the school has the requisite resources to respond to any identified specific needs of a student unless the adjustment would impose unjustifiable hardship on the school, refer Section 3.4 of the Disability Standards for Education 2005 *currently under review;
• Enrolment is subject to a comprehensive application form being completed in full, with supporting copies of all documentation such as but not limited to birth certificate, immunisation records and passport/residency details;
• Enrolment is subject to places being available. Where there are a limited number of places available or a waitlist, preference is given to:
• Children with a sibling currently enrolled at West Coast Steiner School;
• Children transferring from another Steiner School;
• By date of application for enrolment, including payment of enrolment fees.

Enrolment Procedure

West Coast Steiner School accepts applications for enrolments throughout the academic year, with a focus on students commencing at the beginning of a term, however consideration is given to all applications received.
Before an enrolment can take place an information pack is made available to all prospective parents, which includes a school prospectus, information on the philosophy of the West Coast Steiner School with an overall picture of the school and curriculum, information on the enrolment process and enrolment fee, conditions of admission and information on the school fees.
West Coast Steiner School offers tours of the school on a regular basis and prospective families are encouraged to attend. The school will endeavour to be flexible to meet the needs of any families if the nominated tour date is not convenient.
As part of the enrolment process, parents will meet with the School Administrator to discuss Steiner education and the content of the curriculum.
Parents will also meet with the School Financial Officer to discuss the level of commitment required to the school community and the financial expectations.
• Applications must be completed in full with all supporting documentation and the application fee;
• A declaration signed by all custodial parents or guardians that to the best of their knowledge they have:
i. Disclosed any special educational needs;
ii. Disclosed any particular medical, social and/or emotional conditions as well as health care requirements;
iii. Provided a copy of any Parenting, Restraint or other legally binding order that applies to the prospective student;
iv. Provided the necessary visa documentation;
v. Fully understand that West Coast Steiner School follows the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework, which is recognised by the Federal and State Governments and whilst it meets the same outcomes as the Australian Curriculum, there may be differences concerning the content and content delivery, which may have implications for their child if they are transferring to/from a Steiner School;
vi. Fully understand and agree that they will accept that their child will participate in all required parts of the education program;
vii. Fully understand and agree that their child’s attendance will be monitored and reported as required;
viii. Fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions set out in the school fee and school fee collection policies;
ix. Fully understand and agree to abide by all school policies (including as amended) at all times
x. Fully understand that there is a one term trial period for their child and will be reviewed to determine if the enrolment should continue;
xi. Fully understand and agree that a full terms’ notice in writing must be received prior to the withdrawal of a student, failure to do so will result in one full terms fee’s and levies will be charged and is payable as per the school’s fees policy;
xii. Fully and truthfully completed the application for enrolment.
• A letter of acknowledgement and a receipt for the application fee will be sent to the family by the Enrolment Officer within 2 working days of receipt on an application for enrolment. Acknowledgment of an application does not guarantee an enrolment interview nor a place at the school;
• Applications for playgroup do not require a face to face interview and places are offered as vacancies arise in the preferred sessions;
• The School Administrator is advised of all applications for Kindy through to Class 7 and an Biography Form is requested from the parents;
• If there is a place available, the next step is to organise a face to face interview with the prospective student, School Administrator and the Class Teacher;
• If there is not a place available, the Enrolments Officer will advise the family that their child has been placed on the waiting list and whilst they will not be advised of their position on the waiting list, they will be given as much information as possible.

Enrolment Interviews

Enrolment interviews are an opportunity for the family to meet with the Class Teacher and the School Administrator, interact and make some initial observed assessments on the child’s developmental readiness for the class, as well as the opportunity to see the class room and school.
Both parents, where possible (even if they are separated) will be asked to attend the interview. The Biography Form and recent samples of the child’s work will also be explored and discussed further.
At the end of the interview, a place may be offered.
Any recommendations, agreements or advice will be clearly discussed with the parents at the interview.
A further face to face interview with the Finance Officer will be organised to discuss the financial responsibilities and community commitment expectations of the family when commencing at West Coast Steiner School.
Enrolment will occur as soon as practicable.
The School Administrator will advise the Enrolments Officer of the outcome and where appropriate. The Enrolments Officer send out a letter of offer with a confirmed start date,
how and when to pay the enrolment fee and any other further information needed to ensure a smooth transition in to school.
Please refer to the Enrolment Flowchart.

Waiting List Management

Classes at West Coast Steiner School often prove popular. Where the number of applicants exceeds the places available we have a waiting list, which is reviewed on a regular basis by the Enrolments Officer and discussed further with the School Administrator as and when a place becomes available or if any additional needs have been identified.
Class sizes at West Coast Steiner School are limited to the following:
• Kindergarten 4: 28
• Kindergarten 5: 28
• Kindergarten 6: 28
• Primary Classes 1 through to 6: 30
The following factors are taken into consideration when prioritising a prospective student and subsequent offer of a place, when there are other students on the waiting list:
• Are there siblings currently enrolled at West Coast Steiner School;
• Has the student attended another Steiner School;
• The date of application;
• The degree of parental support and commitment for their child’s education within a Steiner school;
• The fee paying record of the family;
• Any other special circumstances.
Once a place becomes available, the Enrolments Officer will discuss the possibility of accepting a new enrolment.
If it is decided that a place will not be offered, the reasons why will be outlined by the School Administrator and the Enrolments Officer will continue to review the waiting list.
If a place can be offered, the Enrolments Officer will make contact with the family that is top of the waiting list and ask if they remain interested in enrolling at West Coast Steiner School. Whilst we do not expect an immediate answer from the family, we would offer the family 72 hours in which to make an informed decision as to whether they wish to proceed with the enrolment or not.
If the family accept the offer, an interview will be organised and followed up as per the normal Enrolment Policy and Procedures.
If the family do not wish to proceed with the enrolment at this time, the application will remain on the wait-list and the place will be offered to the next family on the waiting list.

If after 72 hours and we have not received a decision from the family or we have not been able to make contact with them, the Enrolments Officer will discuss the situation further with the School Administrator before the next family on the waiting list is contacted. The Enrolments Officer must be able to show that all reasonable steps to make contact have been taken and documented.
The Enrolments Officer will regularly make contact with the wait-listed families to confirm the status of the application and ascertain if there are any changes that the school should know about, i.e. updated contact details or intent to enrol has changed.

Exclusion of a Child

West Coast Steiner School accepts enrolments from all prospective students and considers each application received, however the School Administrator reserves the right to recommend that an application for enrolment be declined only after considering eligibility requirements and the capacity of the school to provide an appropriate educational program. Such exclusion should not infringe on the rights of a child, or discriminate against a child.
In situations where a student may be excluded from enrolling, the following are considered:
• The nature of the benefit or detriment likely to accrue to, or be suffered by, the child and all other members of the school community;
• Any additional cost involved in providing the program for the child; and
• The effect of the child’s:
i. Behaviour; or
ii. Disability or other condition, if any, on the child’s participation in the program. (School Education Act 1999).
• Before recommending an application for a child with a disability be declined, the School Administrator will seek advice from appropriate officers within the Education Department and/or Disability Advisory Panel;
• The School Administrator will consult with the parents and take into account their wishes of the parent;
• The School Administrator understands that the parents have the right to review or appeal any decisions made;
• The School Administrator understands that all decisions made will comply with the School Education Act 1999, the Commonwealths Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Disability Standards for Education Act 2005, Western Australia Equal Opportunity Act 1984, the Commonwealth’s Racial Discrimination Act 1984.
Withdrawal of a Student
We accept that students may withdraw from West Coast Steiner School and we require one full terms notice in writing prior to a withdrawal.

Withdrawal forms are available from Administration and/or the Enrolments Officer and should be competed in full.
Administration will communicate to the Class Teacher, the School Administrator and the Business Manager of the withdrawal.
Wherever possible the family will be invited to attend an exit interview with the Business Manager.
The Class Teacher will finalise the students work and prepare any reports as required.
The Finance Officer will finalise the families account.
The Enrolment Officer will prepare the student transfer note and make the appropriate changes to the class and school register.
The Enrolment Officer will double check that the file is complete and ready for filing in the “Past Students” filing cabinet.
New Parent Orientation
West Coast Steiner School expects all new families to take part in our New Parent Orientation events, such as informal morning teas and twilight picnics.
Parent information sessions are held on a regular basis and families are encouraged to attend, this gives an in-depth introduction to the school structure, an overview of the organisational life of the school, the decision making processes.
West Coast Steiner School encourages parents to participate in Study Group, Craft Group, Choir and attend the Busy Bee’s which are held throughout the term.
New parents are provided with a student handbook and Administration Staff are available at any time to answer any questions.

“We love our children; our teaching is inspired by knowledge of man and love of children. And, another love is being built around us, the love of parents for the true essence of the school. Only with such a community can we work towards a future of mankind able to prosper and withstand.”
Rudolf Steiner