Commitment Hours

Family Commitment Scheme Policy

The Family Commitment Scheme was introduced as an initiative to encourage parents to get involved in our school community, provide support to our teachers, to actively participate in the maintenance of the school grounds and to help support the smooth running of the school. The FCSP also provides the opportunity for parents to build relationships with other families in the school, and to practically demonstrate to our children that we value the school and the education it provides. This scheme is now managed by the administration team at the school.

How the FCS works

 A levy of $500 per year (equivalent to 20 hours) is charged to the family fees account.
 Credits will only be applied to the account when the hours are completed, no pro rata credits of the levy will be refunded if a family withdraw from school part way through the year.
 The form must be submitted by the end of the first week in December. Forms received after this date may not be processed.
 No hours can be carried forward to future years
 Hours can be claimed only for approved school activities. Please include the name of the staff member the work was carried out with.

Volunteer work for the school may involve the following:

  • Busy Bee Participation
  • General Maintenance as guided by the Maintenance Officer
  • Assistance on Open Days / School Tours / Festivals
  • Assistance in Class as guided by Class Teacher / Shop Assistants
  • Involvement in School Council, WCSSCA, Golden Threads, Gardening
  • Involvement in Mandate Groups i.e. OSH, Premises, Finance, Marketing, Fundraising

There may be signs around the school calling for volunteers, correspondence via email or the class carers, or you may ask at the office for direction to the area of your choice. If you have a trade / professional skill you are able to offer, please record it on the form and we will forward your details on to the appropriate area.
A family that joins the school part way through the year will still be charged the full $500 Annual Levy but will have the option to complete the full 20 hours.
No pro rata levies will be raised or refunded.
Should you have any questions regarding the Family Commitment Scheme, please contact the school on 9440 1771.

Family Commitment Scheme Form 2020