Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value.” – Albert Einstein

Like all parents, my desire for my children is to be happy and healthy. As they grow older, to find fulfilment in their lives; which of course leads to the logical idea that it is achieved through their achievements and career paths later on in life.

How do we measure happiness and fulfilment especially for our children; in their achievements or in their self-worth? These were the ideas and questions that challenged me when I became a parent of school aged children.

I was certainly anxious in the beginning that they would struggle with reading and computer technology as these are introduced later. The strength in Steiner education lies in the development of their will and curiosity. They are powerful characteristics that inspire a keen interest in understanding and learning.

The other question I had of major concern was their academic development since there was not a hyper focus on grading or testing implemented to give me a measure of where they were at compared to their peers. My initial concerns, nine years ago were unfounded.

My eldest son who is finishing year 6 and has only ever been to the West Coast Steiner School, decided of his own volition to take part in the GATE testing and was offered a place Academic and talented program at Shenton College. He is a well-adjusted child who is really looking forward to high school.

The teachers who apply the Steiner pedagogy are committed to the delivery of education because they believe in it. Their motivation is one of passion and love first and foremost; they see the children for their individuality and within the curriculum, honour their way of learning.

I think of Steiner education as a garden of fertile soil, the children as seeds of different plants and the teachers as horticulturalist who care and nurture the growth of our children in the different ways they need as individual seeds which germinate at different times and produce different unique characteristics, whom grow to become strong mighty trees.

All my three children who are vastly different and unique are happy and well-adjusted at the West Coast Steiner School. A Steiner education has the kind of depth that nurtures their inner beings, talents and skills whatever they may be. It has the capacity to hold and develop all children across the board to their very core distinction.

I took a leap of faith and chose something very different from the way I was educated, I am still learning. My school community consist of genuine, friendly and loving parents who have bravely made a choice to give their children the most fundamental tools in going forward through life. I feel so fortunate to be part of this school.

Are my children happy, fulfilled and confident lateral thinking individuals who feel free to be themselves? ABSOLUTELY!

Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labour in freedom.” – Albert Einstein

–┬áMaureen Tan