Once upon a time there was a family who decided to educate their children at West Coast Steiner…

For me, the decision to send our children to this school was made in my heart long before I realised it even existed… I unconsciously asked the universe for a place that would hold my children in complete reverence – a place that would embrace the magic of their childhood as I did.

I asked for a place that would completely understand the depth of soul that children have and the stages of their soul connection; a place that would understand Mother Nature as a second mother.

I asked that there would be a place where my child’s connection to the universe and the divine spark from whence they came would be nurtured and nourished so that it grew with them. I asked for a place where my child would be safe to remain connected to that divine spark so that when he or she enters the phase oft known as “mid-life crisis”, there would be no “crisis” for there would be no need to search for more. The whole is already there.

I asked for a place where media and screen-time were acknowledged as eroding the connection within and where it was important to instead enable your child to slay the dragon of boredom and find the treasure of play.

I asked for a place where the entire spirit of my child was considered and handled with care and attention; where every utterance or moment of silence was considered beforehand and where each adult understood the impact of the spoken word as well as the magic of that silence.

I asked for all this and found it.

With much love,
Lauren Bowyer