In 2013, when we relocated to Perth from France, our son Matteo couldn’t speak a word of English and my biggest worry was to find a suitable school for him and his needs.

I visited several schools in different suburbs, private and public. Most of them were big schools and my concerns were that Matteo would get lost in the middle of so many students.

I then discovered our school, the West Coast Steiner School. I immediately had positive feelings about this “little school in the bush”.

Everybody, teachers & administration staff, opened their arms to us and they all took such a good care of Matteo. He never came home from school frustrated or unhappy and each morning he was happy to go back to school.

After three years, he now speaks fluent English and his head is full of wonderful memories of his teachers and schoolmates.

My wife & I are glad we found this school and will recommend it to anyone.

Aurelien Scannella
Artistic Director – West Australian Ballet