The Steiner Story

Derived from the insights of Austrian born philosopher, scientist, artist and educator Rudolf Steiner, Steiner education provides enjoyable and relevant learning through deep engagement and creative endeavour, to develop ethical, capable individuals who can contribute to society with initiative and purpose. Steiner inspired education is now delivered in over 1050 schools in 60 countries.

Steiner education seeks to develop the physical, emotional and intellectual capacities of the developing child through an age appropriate curriculum that integrates the disciplines of movement, fine arts, and practical arts into the study of humanities, science and mathematics. Through the development of these capacities, we strive to educate the child in a healthy and balanced manner.

The West Coast Steiner Story

Just over two decades ago, the West Coast Steiner School was established by a group of parents with a shared belief in the Steiner philosophy and in the importance of a holistic education for their children. We are celebrating more than 20 years of independent schooling, and now provide a complete and authentic Steiner educational experience to children from Playgroup through to Class 6.

Assisting our students to establish for themselves “a life of learning” is a philosophy that represents our purpose as a school, the promise to our students, and the desire of their parents. Our curriculum is holistic, formative, and relevant, whilst also being practical and ‘life’ based. Its impact isn’t isolated to the short segment of life that students spend at our school.

In fact, we believe that its value is much greater than that. We strive to give our students the skills, knowledge and awareness to thrive as free thinking, socially committed adults who will aspire to become the truest possible version of themselves.

At West Coast Steiner School, we believe that the Steiner educational philosophy is powerful in guiding children towards finding their authentic voice, developing their moral capacities and nurturing their individual potential. We are committed to educating children and parents alike, so that together we can build the next generation of balanced, creative and socially responsible adults, equipped with purpose and meaning in their lives.

Our Curriculum

A life of Learning

‘A life of learning’ speaks to the gift that parents give their children through providing a Steiner education. It recognises the long-term benefits and priceless return reaped through this educational investment. It brings together two words that we believe are intrinsically linked, yet too often segregated; Life and Learning. Life well lived doesn’t occur without learning, and learning itself, should always occur practically within the context of life.

  • I could never have believed that I would be so happy with my children’s education

    Yolanda Millar
  • The teachers who apply the Steiner pedagogy are committed to the delivery of education because they believe in it.

    Maureen Tan
  • There’s a wonderful eagerness to do things for himself and to try new things. My son is thriving inside and out.

    Maria Williams
  • His creativity and love for learning is being nurtured and he is also given the freedom to be a child

    Maeve Nugent
  • Once upon a time there was a family who decided to educate their children at West Coast Steiner…

    Lauren Bowyer
  • In 2013, when we relocated to Perth from France, our son Matteo couldn’t speak a word of English and my biggest worry was to find a suitable school for him and his needs.

    Aurelien Scannella
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