West Coast Steiner School – What do we do?

Working from the indications of Rudolf Steiner, we strive to educate the whole being of each child in head, heart, and hands. We envision this education set within a community guided by goodness, beauty, and truth. Further, we seek to plant the seeds for our students to enter the changing world with purpose, as self-directed adults, with a lifelong love of learning, who are intellectually and spiritually free, socially responsible, and emotionally balanced.  (WCSS Vision Statement)

 Our vision highlights our purpose to provide a meaningful education that engages your child’s “head, heart and hands” within a strong, vibrant school community:

  • Creating a warm, welcoming learning environment
  • Holistic learning, engaging the head, heart and hands
  • Nurturing respect for self, others and nature
  • Building confidence through a growth mindset
  • Developing the ability to persist and complete tasks
  • Dynamic and artistic teaching of academic content: math, literacy, languages, history and earth sciences
  • Learning through the senses: strings program, fine handwork, drawing, painting, sculpture and woodwork
  • Specialist movement programs: Bothmer and Eurythmy



We have places available in different classes in the school.  Go to http://www.wcss.wa.edu.au/enrol/ or call 9440 1771 to book a school tour!

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