Weekly Community Memo

Community Memo

Hi everybody and thank you for a wonderful and joyful week of gathering and learning.
Friday 16 March all school staff will be at the Keeping Safe Child Protection day; professional development providing background to related policy and practice, a vital part of the school curriculum.
A big well done to all involved in the Celtic Dance, from the preparation to the activities of the evening.
Our Open Day Fair will be held on Saturday 19 May. The day will include activities, stalls and presentations, enriching and highlighting the journey of all at WCSS. Please check-in at the Hub if you are able to give time to preparing for and supporting the day.

Buildings and Grounds
The transformation of our physical school environment continues. Extensive work on the front Primary and Early Childhood playgrounds will soon begin. The restoration of the school roof is complete. Your support and understanding of the scope of onsite work during this stage in the school buildings and grounds upgrade and development is greatly appreciated.
School Dress
Thank you for the attention given to the school dress code and the colour and joy this brings to the classrooms, playgrounds and the children’s social and academic experiences and learning.
Kiss and Drive
A big thank you to the parents who have come forward to monitor the front of school pick-up/drop off times.
We still have spaces on the roster: Thursday: 2.00-2.30pm. Friday: 8.15-8.45am. Friday: 2.50-3.20pm.
WCSS Website
There is a great deal of amazing activity occurring across the school and the updates on our Website and posts on Facebook are great ways to engage with them. Please feel very welcome to log-on and share the WCSS story ongoing.
Bluearth Information Session: Wednesday 21st March from 3.05pm
Ben from the Bluearth Foundation will share the importance of movement and good health related to the program. He will be available to answer questions after the session.
Other Dates to Note
Tuesday March 27: Perth Waldorf School: Secondary School Talk 7pm
Thursday March 29: Easter Festival – celebrated during the school day with the children and teachers
Friday March 30: Public Holiday (Good Friday)
Monday April 2: Public Holiday (Easter Monday)
Thursday 5th April: WCSSCA AGM 9am  Fathering Project 6pm
Tuesday 10th April: WCSS Council AGM

Cheers and thank you again for the great spirit your presence and support brings to each school day.
Gerard Tonti-Filippini

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