The school community comes together for seasonal and cultural festivals.

Festivals are an essential part of the curriculum and life of the school.

As in times past, festivals are held to celebrate cultural and spiritual events, the harvest, solstice, equinox and seasons. Festivals bring schools communities together in shared purpose and highlight the supportive cycles of life, adding meaning to human existence. Students sense joy and gratitude in the community around them. They experience diverse cultural festivals and a historical continuum, celebrating the earth, humanity, the cosmos and their connections. This fosters reverence, through acknowledging something greater than oneself, allowing a deep experience of gratitude and harmony.

Source : https://www.steinereducation.edu.au/steiner-education/an-enriched-curriculum/festivals/

West Coast Steiner School  celebrates:
Term 1: Autumn and Easter
Term 2: Winter Festival
Term 3: Michael Festival
Term 4: Advent Festival