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Exciting News

  1. We have our Class 1 teacher for 2018 – Gemma Jordan!

Gemma was born in England and moved to Australia with her family when she was six.

Gemma has worked in schools in the Pilbara, South West and North Metro regions, South Africa and Central Kalimantan.

She has a great love of nature, shared through her art, photography and writing, has a great interest in cultures, cuisines, history and languages and music, can play clarinet, guitar and drums and enjoys being active through yoga and water sports and spending time with family and friends.

We are delighted to welcome Gemma as she joins us to share in the educational and life journey of the West Coast Steiner School Community.

  1. Our buildings and playgrounds have been a busy place over the school vacation and will continue to be so till completion of the projects. The new Rose Kindergarten and 2018 Class 1 rooms are being upgraded (see email below from 20 December) to purpose fit and suit the children, the Playgroup and Kindy Gumnut relocations are nearing completion in conjunction with the Learning Support and Library re-location and movement of specialist staff office resource and space.
  2. Interviews for our Coordinator of Teaching and Curriculum and Communications and Marketing roles have been completed. We aim to have confirmation of the recommended candidates by early next week and will then immediately announce the news to the school community.

Cheers for now and very best wishes for a truly wonderful 2018.



Hi Everyone ?

Thank you for your presence, love and giving over the year.

An exciting beginning presents for 2018, as further opportunities for learning arise through works and

movement across the school, including the re-purposing of rooms and playgrounds and staff roles.

The works include a staged playgrounds development, commencing with upgrade of the playground for the 2018 Class 1

children, which is being relocated to the early Primary years side of the complex. The relocation of Kindy 4 (Gumnut) and Playgroup will also bring together all the Early Childhood years, and similarly too, the accompanying playground spaces will be developed to purpose suit the age groups.

Thank you in anticipation of your consideration and support as the works are completed and any sharing and settling time called on during the process.

Our newly developed Strategic Plan has been presented to Council. The above works are consistent with the plan and the vision for the school going forward. The plan will be disseminated through Council follow-up in the new year.

We have additional  curriculum expertise, including Orchestra and Bluearth beginning Term 1 2018.

We have quality targeted PD for staff and exciting and informative presentations on the education journey for parents.

Interviews for the Class 1 teacher position are being conducted this week. We have had many quality applications for the position. Once the process is complete I will notify the 2018 Class 1 parents of the outcome and then the wider school community.

The Coordinator of Teaching and Curriculum and Communications and Marketing position advertisements have closed.

We will now shortlist for these positions towards interviews. I will notify the school community (all staff and parents) once the related appointments are finalised.


Please Note!

  • The School Office closes this Friday (i.e. 22 December) and then re-opens on 8 January.

Please call 0415205307 or email me on this address if there is any urgent school related need between those dates.

  • The Children commence the 2018 school year on Thursday 1 February, at 8.30am
  • Staff Professional Development-Planning Days: 29-31 January 2018

May the peace and joy of Christmas enlighten our minds, make joyful our spirits and further depth our understanding of the education-life journey of the West Coast Steiner School Community into 2018.