The value of a West Coast Steiner School education


A positive school culture and ethos supported by strong traditions


A well rounded and diverse curriculum


Teachers dedicated to delivering high standards of teaching and learning


Developmentally appropriate lesson plans, delivered artistically and creatively


A focus on educating children to be emotionally responsive and responsible


A school dedicated to supporting the growth of children into fulfilled, imaginative and purposeful adults


A community minded school with a vibrant school community


High quality resources and equipment with books, excursions and camps included in annual fees

Our Curriculum

At West Coast Steiner School, from Playgroup to class 6, we provide children with an authentic Steiner education that focuses on nurturing and developing the whole being of each child.

Centered on building strong connections between children, teachers, community, and the world around us, our approach is holistic and relationship-based, and our curriculum is balanced, age-appropriate, and tailored, ensuring our students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and awareness to succeed in all aspects of life.

Working from the indications of Rudolf Steiner, we strive to educate the whole being of each child; head, heart and hands. We embed this education within a community guided by goodness, beauty and truth, equipping our students with the skills necessary to enter the changing world with purpose; laying the foundation for them to become self-directed, intellectually free adults with a life-long love of learning. The aim of our curriculum is to support our students growth on their journey to becoming emotionally balanced and socially responsible adults.


Steiner education focuses not just on what is taught, but on how and when it is taught. Critical to the Steiner approach is an integrated, age-appropriate learning process that engages each child intellectually, physically and emotionally.

Our holistic curriculum intentionally unfolds to correspond with the developmental stages of childhood, both physical and emotional, and for this reason we weave storytelling, fine art, music and movement through every subject that is taught. We encourage our students to engage with and exercise their multiple intelligences in order to optimise their learning experiences and outcomes.


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Recommended Resources for Parents

As part of our ongoing commitment to educate our school and wider community about the benefits of a Steiner education we release an annual resource list and conduct a variety of parent education sessions each term.

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